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I'm moving from: :iconmiss-symph-0x0: Please, if you didn't watch me there, watch me for more of my art!

This account will be deactived~

More of my art there:
Symphony x Maya .:COLLAB:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Starlight .:FA:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Princess Luna .:FA:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Ehh... .:ART:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Cloudy Night .:COLLAB:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Melanie Martinez .:OC:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 ETC!!

Goodbye Lovely-Symphony~
This account is moved from here ~~~> :iconmiss-symph-0x0:
Just watch me there! ^^

Some drawings there:
Fluttershy .:COLLAB:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Starlight .:FA:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 African gurls .:ART:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Twilight Sparkle .:COLLAB:. by Miss-Symph-0x0
Symph .:ART:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Magic .:AT:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Merry by Miss-Symph-0x0 Cloudy Night .:COLLAB:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Chlory .:AT:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Azure .:AT:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Cloudy Night .:G:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Noup, just noup .:ART:. by Miss-Symph-0x0

New OCs!:
Pandora .:OC:. by Miss-Symph-0x0 Valky .:OC:. by Miss-Symph-0x0
This account was moved from :iconmiss-symph-0x0: <--- Here!
Watch me there!
New adoptable!! By me!
<da:thumb id="666507528"/>

I hope you want buy her! She for me looks so great 7w7r
This account: :iconmiss-symph-0x0: have the news about my art!

And i know, i know. I received so many asks for: "Why you changes of account?" or "Why you moved your account?"

Welp, it's simple. And stupid. but i'll writte for you here in spanish bcuz i'm failing in English, right? Right~<3

R: La cuenta, Lovely-Symphony, en realidad posee más de un año de haber sido creada. Yo la cree cuando empecé a dibujar sin bases, pero no me atrevía a publicar mis dibujos por TEMOR y MIEDO a que los rechazaran y los vieran como horribles. Así que los hacía y muy pocos los subía al Stas.h de DeviantArt. Bajo el estrés que tengo ahora, más los recuerdos de esta cuenta, me recuerdan muchas inseguridades, y eso crea en mi una incomodidad absurda... algo estúpida. Por eso he estado algo inactiva en cortos períodos. Me cree la segunda cuenta PORQUE NI POR COÑO dejo de dibujar para ustedes ahora!

Y pues... si quieren ver algo de mis principios como dibujante, solo díganme ;)

Oh! And if you want a translation of this, tell me too xD

New watchers here:

:iconsky-rick: :iconxxmiahannxx: :icontiasophia12: :iconforestaoakwood:
This will be a new account where i want move my art

But no now yet, maybe when expide my Core Membership here~

If you want follow my art in the future, watch me in :iconmiss-symph-0x0: Miss-Symph-0x0, that's okey? Okey!

Give me llamas, and points if you want there~ <3

See ya~!

My most new watchers:
:iconghost-and-hellsongs: :iconcathartic1: :iconcrystalgalaxy83: :icondexterisse:
Tagged by the sweet and adorable bitchie :iconsquishkitti: ;;A;;! ~<3
Now, go to the tag!


- Tag 8 people you want to know better: (Hmm... ;3)

:iconmentalphase: :iconlilbitchie: :iconfuri9n: :iconsquishkitti: :iconspicybrowniemix: :iconjgreti: :iconunderdise: :iconrayhiros:

If you want do this, of course ;)

Name:  Symph is good for me ~<3
Star sign: Sagitary (I really don't believe on this)
Average hours of sleep: Sleep is life! LMAO xDD
Lucky number: 21
Last thing I googled: What was the relation in the Mendel, Morgan and Suton's studios :I (TASK)

When I started this account:  Idk, dude. What i know, is this account have 2 years xD
Amount of watchers:  787 (TnT)
What do I post: Ponies!! :DD But i wanna do more! I'm trying to do Humans, cats, dogs, etc... but no soon TnT
Do I get a lot of comments: Does an average of 11 count as a lot? No? It's mostly just my friend and I "YASS"ing eachother anyway ;-; (x2 xDD
Why did I choose this username: For my OC Symphony Diamond. She had my first OC! And i love her SO much. And she (For personality) is lovely, so... Lovely-Symphony xD But i want change de Username <3

That's all! <3
But alright, i have the winner of my raffle~ 
But, for cuestions, and problems in my program (Paint Tool SAI) y can't do draws like prizes. So... points will be the last way for one prize <3 i hope you understand <3

Alright~ Here is the winner!:
Sin ttulo by Lovely-Symphony
Results: Winner 1 - 19, Winner 2 - 20 Winner 3 - 4

CONGRATS number 19!!: is: FizzieSoda13 Now, you have a one month of Core Membership! <3
Plz, report in this 3 days for your prize~

2th place is: Kittenthelonley CONGRATS! you win 100pts! <3

3th place: Ponylover136 :iconponylover136: You win 50pts!! <3

TYSM for participe! Have a great day, guys! <3 I love you SO much <3
Stole to: BlitsAzalisDash #28 Free Icon: Luna 50x50 (Sorry :v I want do this xD)#28 Free Icon: Luna 50x50 

1. Do you watch / read pornography?
No! #28 Free Icon: Luna 50x50 

2. Would you ever consider making (acting or directing) a porno?
NOUP, i don't really interessed on that 

3. Are you a virgin?
16 years... Of course! ;A;

4. Are there any friends you've thought about sex with?
I don't think it Tia tail-chew 

5. Any of your friends you HAVE had sex with?

6. Someone famous you would have sex with?
Not really Princess Luna (of course) plz 

7. Attracted to (men / women)?
Men 50x50 LunaMoon Chew icon 

8. Do you masturbate?
Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle 

9. Would you rather oral or anal?
Wut? I'm a children of my mother, idc Celestia hates Luna 

10. Would you rather be the dominant partner, or the submissive partner in a relationship?

I'm always the dominant, i want be the submissive Princess Luna 

11. Would you ever want to be tied?
Princess Luna 6 YehhPrincess Luna 6 

12. Would you ever want to tie someone up?
Welp... Celestia is happy 

13. Ever offered to tie someone up?

14. Anyone ever offered to tie you up?
No again

15. Would you rather your sexual partner be shaved, or unshaved?

16. Are you a flirt?
Sometimes Celestia is happy 

17. Do you own sexy underwear?
That is a objetion i wouldn't say Celestia is pleased 

18. Pee games?

19. Your weakness?
My neck... and my moth. If you want satisfy me, give me candys Munch 

20. Favorite features on a sexual partner?
Appearance, and having candies 

21. Your best features are?
Long hair, sturdy body, good looking, moving very well, giving me sweets (I said this, heck!)
And other things~

22. Would you have sex with music playing?
Maybe a romantic ballad with a slight and sexy touches

23. If yes, what song?
Princess Celestia Mad Emoticon. Idk

24. Favorite word for sex (fucking, humping, shagging ...)?
Idk! I never have sex... maybe Humping?

25. Whispering or screaming?
Whispering, idk 

26. When you want to have sex with someone, what do you do about it?
Nothing bcuz i never having MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Envy Covet Spite 

28. Would you consider tying up someone and hurting them / being tied and having someone hurt you?
NO! it's sick

29. Would you consider tying someone up and tickling them / being tied and having someone tickle you?
I don't think so... no?

30. Would you rather be on top?

31. Sex on a holiday? (Easter / Halloween / etc ..)
Noup, i guess

32. How much would you do for your sexual partner?
Depend if i'm in love of him


34. Sex before marriage?

35. Something that's important in sex that most people overlook?
Ehh- Dominance, I guess? (x2

36. Pussyfart.
Rarity (blink eye) plz 

37. Tongue in your private area?

38. Tongue in your bellybutton?
Lenny Eyebrow Wiggle 

39. Zodiac sign (yours, and sexual partner's)?
Sagitary and... idk, maybe next time when i'm preparate :v

40. Tips to turn you on?
Te neck, or slight rubbing on the skin. Otherwise, it's on your side ¬ ¬
By the great DiaxMineOwO <3

ADOPTS .:Open:. [1/9] by DiaxMineOwO
Gemsona-Relationship call-(Cerrado) by RomanticGaze
Rainbow Colors (OPEN) by MLPFIMFans2006
This account: :iconmagentabolt7767: said i stole one of her OCs. That is not true. I have a adoptable SIMILAR to her OC, but isn't her OC, and she don't want understand.

You think this is the same pony-deer?:
Deer [ADOPT OPEN] by Lovely-Symphony and this  Genevieve  by magentabolt7767
Is the same pony? Maybe are similar, but not the same.
Tagged by my dear and stupid friend: :iconthemerryfox: <3

1. Post these rules.

2. Post 8 facts about your character. 

3. Tag 8 other characters. 

4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

Symphony Diamond!!:

[ArtTrade] Symphony Diamond by SlightDream

1.- She was created on SO MANY desings... u.u It was kinda stressed ;-; But finally, after of 2 years. Her looks is... this: :3

2.- She is my ponysona, and she is inspired in my personality <3 and the things i love and i hate <3

3.- She have a fophia to the insects

She can use a spell that allows her to be pegasus. But when she does, her horn disappears until she wants to be a unicorn again

5.- She LOVE the animals, but the Hurons, Gazels, and the Pandas are the priority <3

6.- She love the nicknames! Specially when she call to a friend! Like: Honey, baby, stupid, bitch, etc... Is semi-bipolar xDDD

7.- Her favorite gender of music is the Trap ;-; She love the trap uwu (Like me xDDD)

8.- Symphony forget her past, but she remember some parts about it. And the some parts she remember, are the most scary parts.


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